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by Dávid Lakatos, Tony deVincenzi and Matt Blackshaw

For MAS834 Tangible Interfaces we came up with the project that we call TimeWarp. Timewarp is a tangible interface that tries to leave behind the physical embodiment of time (a clock). TimeWarp looks like a real clock but its minute and hour arm is an input to a parallel universe, where we can manipulate our own perception of time.

By turning back the minute hand we wind up a virtual spring that will play back time with faster. So let’s say it’s 3pm and there is a meeting at 4pm. But you would need a bit more time, say another half an hour. Physically we cannot mess with time but on the perception side we can. So we wind up the clock back half an hour. Thus our PERSONAL time (thanks Albert) will be 2:30 pm. So for the next hour until it will be 4pm in the universe our clock will tick 1.5x the speed that we normally expect.

Will this change our perception of the next hour of work? Can we achieve more? These are the questions we are interested in. We built some nice mockups in the FabLab downstairs. Special thanks goes to Adam Setapen, who helped designing the gear system!

Timewarp mockup simulation from David Lakatos on Vimeo.

Time warp from David Lakatos on Vimeo.

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