About me

Hi! My name is Dávid “Dögi” Lakatos. I am from Budapest, Hungary. I grew up there and I miss it a lot. I lived in Toronto, Delft and now in Cambridge, MA, where I am in grad school at the MIT Media Lab in Prof. Hiroshi Ishii‘s Tangible Media Group. I am currently interested in Interface design, especially interfaces that will enable us to custom arrange nanoparticles so we can build custom cool stuff. I like urban guerilla acts…a lot. Let me know if I can help.

This is a presentation about me, created for the admission procedure of the MIT Media Lab. The presentation tool has been developed at Kitchen Budapest (where I worked with the most wonderful people for 2 years) – the spin-off is called Prezi.

The presentation path is recorded, the only thing you have to do is click, when you read everything on the screen. You might want to use fullscreen (move your mouse on the bottom of the screen, and select fullscreen), but please note that depending on your geographical location, you might experience the presentation to be a bit slow in fullscreen mode.

Ready? Click on the play button in the flash object below, wait for the Prezi to load, and click-away!


#update(091213) : I finished my Bachelor Thesis at the Kavli Institute of Nanosciences. Here you can download the “Optical Investigation of Suspended Carbon Nanotubes”. (pdf, ~2.8MB)

You can reach me:
david [et} lakatosdavid {dot] hu
skypeme: dogichow