About me

Hi! My name is Dávid Lakatos and that’s my lovely wife and my daughter at a wedding of a friend. I am from Budapest, Hungary. I grew up there and I miss it a lot, minus our low-quality bozo politicians. I lived in Toronto, Delft, and now in Cambridge, MA, where I went to school at the MIT Media Lab in Prof. Hiroshi Ishii‘s Tangible Media Group.

Tony, Matt, and me on graduation day. I think we got our first office space the next day for Sold.
Random Media Lab photo, at TMG with Chad Hurley, Megan Smith and Hiroshi.

After MIT, I co-founded Sold. with two of my friends, an automated peer-to-peer selling service, which after receiving funding from Google Ventures, Matrix Partners, Greylock partners, and a number of angel investors was acquired by Dropbox at the end of 2013.

At the beginning of 2014, I joined up with some of my friends from the Media Lab at Formlabs, which was just starting to deliver its first Kickstarter product – the Form 1. Over the last 8+ years (written in 2022) I have been the Chief Product Officer at Formlabs responsible for delivering the best desktop 3D printing experience on the market for engineers, designers, and professionals out there, leading various parts of the company including product, marketing, materials engineering, and business development.

With Ian Ferguson and Shane Wighton after launching the Form 2.
Luke Winston and I are learning how PR works in China, when we opened our office in Shenzhen.
Max, Ian and I found a still operating Form 1 at Fablab Budapest randomly
Max Lobovsky inspecting some sake bottles at one of our Japanese partner meetings.
Announcing the Form 3 at Hannover Messe – felt pretty claustrophobic.
Funny video made by Craig Broady about how the tower extrusion was made for the Form 2.

I am always interested to learn about new budding companies and ideas. If you think I can help reach out. Also because I don’t have a better place to put these, here are the two longest, single-author documents I have ever written.

david [[et)) lakatosdavid [(dot}) hu